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Heaven Scent

Product Description

One of the best things about working with flowers is the glorious scents that they have.

Sometimes you find a winning combination and you just have to share it.

When we discovered a stunning scented oriental Lily that went with our favourite scented Rose "Moody Blue" we were very excited.

We calmed down the strong pinks with lime green Anastasia blooms and soft green lisianthus and when available we accessorise with ruffled Celosia or fragrant stocks.

If you want to give a super scented bouquet then this is one of the biggest and best.

If you would like the Eco Friendly option we can supply it in a vase and wrap it in tissue and our eco paper wrapping. 

Alternatively we can hand-tie and Aqua-pack it for you an deliver in a gift bag or transporter box. However its supplied it will really deliver on fragrance and have the WOW factor any Mum will enjoy.


Heaven Scent

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