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LUXURIOUS LILIES - scented or unscented?

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For many people the enormous star shaped flowers of Oriental lilies in pink or white are just part of their appeal, their heady exotic scent is what really sells them.

Yet Oriental Lilies can be a bit of a "marmite" flower - you either love them or hate them! That wonderful fragrance is what puts some people right off. Of course there are people who love them but hate the mess they make - see the answer to this niggly problem at the bottom.

We love them and have no problem with the fragrance at all but for anyone who likes the look of Lilies but not the scent we have good news - there are UNSCENTED LILIES ! 

Asiatic Lilies come is a much wider range of colours and have no scent, although the flowers are slightly smaller they often have more heads and still make a stunning bouquet.

So if you'd like to send a bouquet of Lilies just let us know which colour you'd like and whether you want scented or unscented and we'll arrange it. We combine Lilies with some simple dark green Ruscus and Eucalyptus foliage to act as a foil and wrap them in clear cello and paper. Simple but elegant!

If you want to avoid the mess created by the pollen follow these simple guidelines:

Remove stamens whilst they're still pink

If you get pollen on clothes or furnishings DO NOT RUB but blot with some sticky tape and lift as much pollen off that way.

Using a biological detergent/washing solution will take most pollen staining out.

Position any pollen stained item in full sun to remove remaining traces. 

LUXURIOUS LILIES - scented or unscented?

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