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Natural Burial - Eco friendly Tied Sheaf

Product Description

We are increasingly asked for Eco friendly flowers as funeral tributes and here is one example.

This one is a sheaf of golden yellow Achillea, white Aster,  and green Alchemilla Mollis. Peachy Viburnum berries and feathery Setaria grass add texture to this sheaf which is tied with raffia. Please tell us if you wish to have a particular colour scheme as this is  possible for orders placed well in advance.

Because the ingredients are rather wild looking as if they have been picked from the hedgerows, it makes a very appropriate tribute to go on one of the increasingly popular wicker or sea grass coffins.

This particular sheaf was donated to a care home after the funeral but could equally well have been left at the burial ground where it would have returned to nature.

This style can be created from all types of flowers and is especially good for Spring items such as Daffodils, Tulips and Irises. During the summer months Delphiniums, Larkspur and Alliums look great combined with Gladioli or Phlox.

Did you know that if you are planning to take the sheaf away for home or gift use afterwards we offer a minature version for you to leave behind at the burial ground.

Natural Burial - Eco friendly Tied Sheaf

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