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Ravishing Red Roses and Luscious Lilies

Product Description

What could be better than the combination of ravishing Red Roses with luscious oriental Lilies? Many of our customers love Lilies especially the exotic scent of the Oriental types.

Shown here is the combination of Red Roses and White Lilies but you could also choose to have Red Roses and Pink Lilies or White Roses and White Lilies. They will be hand-tied with foliages to compliment the mix and then wrapped in co-ordinating tissue and cellophane. 

All you need to think about is the message to accompany them!

Given the long stemmed nature of both the Roses and Lilies used in these bouquets we do not recommend aqua packing them as this reduces the stem length and therefore the impact.


No problem, there are unscented lilies availalble so just let us know and we'll deliver the unscented variety. They will still look stunning but no issues with allergies or pollen.

Ravishing Red Roses and Luscious Lilies

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