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Roses all the way

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If you can't decide what colour Roses to choose then why not choose the  "Sweet Rose" bouquet?

We will select from our premium quality roses twelve of the most beautiful such as "White Mondial", Orange "Confidential", "Pink Mondial", "Sweetness", "Moody Blue", "Ocean Song" "Pink Floyd" or Yellow "Brighton"

Each rose will be nestled into a background of deep green foliage to display it perfectly and then Hand tied and Aqua-packed into a bouquet. Simple wrapping and a plain box completes the look. Our aqua-packed bouquets are always popular with rose lovers as they ensure the maximum longevity.

TOP TIP:If any of your Roses should start to droop remove the rose from the bouquet and boil the kettle.

Pour 2.5cm of water into a heat proof mug or jug, cut the stem of the droopy rose at an angle to create maximum surface area and hold the just cut stem in the just boiled water for a count of 10 then place the rose into cold water right up to the lowest set of leaves.

This should clear any air locks in the stem and allow the rose to drink again.

Roses all the way

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