Roses all the way

We're rarely surprised when we get a frantic phone call from someone wanting to know if we can deliver a dozen Red Roses, and it's not just on Valentines Day either!

Sadly we can't always oblige with red Roses as apart from Valentines day and Christmas they are a special order item; but we're always happy to help if you just need Roses of some sort.

The stunning range of colours and sizes of Roses never cease to amaze us from tiny spray Roses to the huge heads of garden style shrub Roses. Some of our favourites such as "Moody Blush", "Titanic" and "Norma Jean" actually have a delicate scent too.

Occasionally people will ask us not to include Roses "because they dont last" and it's such a pity because with the right treatment they can last from ten to fourteen days. If you find that a Rose has gone a bit droopy and sad looking try this simple tip.

1: Boil the kettle and pour about an inch or two centimetres of the boiling water into a mug or jug.

2: Cut about an inch or two centimetres off the bottom of the Rose stem and stand it in the boiled water for a count of ten.

3:Remove  the Rose from the boiled water and put it into a vase or container of deep cold water for a few hours.

Most Roses will perk up after this treatment and then then it can be returned to its vase. If not, it maybe just too late for that particular bloom but at least you tried.

Many people like to save a Rose from a special occasion or bouquet, you can usually succeed in drying a Rose or Roses by hanging them upside down in a cool airy place. You don't need to use an airing cupboard just somewhere with a good airflow.